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BPM is not just a brand but a movement that adopts and reinterprets classical culture and local tradition in a modern key, since it represents the transition from the experience of a group of high school students to the daily reality of a city, which wants to be a metropolis while remaining on a human scale.The beats per minute, of the guys in the group who poured into the streets, free to express their passions, merged giving life to a single beat in the same way in which musical pieces are mixed.The mysticism and esotericism that distinguish the Piedmontese capital, mixed with humanistic training, have influenced our thinking, prompting us to want to transport the beauty of classicism to every corner of a city that continues to rapidly change its appearance, transforming people into a living example of cultural inclusion.Starting from our personal experience and contacts born outside our little protected world, we concluded that the starting point could be the music and what we wore.This idea materializes in the creation of high quality clothing, born to reflect the cosmopolitan soul of Turin.The local production of our garments allows for a union between tradition and experimentation whose objective must be sought not only in the unique products of their kind, but also in their profound cultural and spiritual message that they represent.Each collection is committed to respecting nature and giving those who wear our garments an emotion to wear.